What are all cash offers? How could they benefit you as an Atlanta homeowner hoping to sell fast?

Within the last two years, home values in Atlanta have skyrocketed. And looking at the present trend, it will continue in 2022. Atlanta, as a developing hub of innovations, has become a magnet that attracts luxury homebuyers. So, this is a great time to sell for great profit, especially if it’s an upscale home.

But doing this comes with some difficulties that can cause sellers discouragement. However, with the assistance of North America’s largest brokerage, Keller Williams, you can escape the hassles of showings, open houses and coordinating repairs with KW Cash Offers.

4 Types of Homeowners Who Can Benefit from All Cash Offers

The All Cash Offers service is available for Atlanta property owners looking to sell fast. Here are four types of owners that can benefit from selling their real estate for all cash:

1. Out-of-State Owners

If you don’t want to deal with property managers anymore for your out-of-state properties, then get an All Cash Offer and transform the property’s equity into cash in your bank account. Instead of renting the property out or leaving it to sit empty, why not sell it for excess profit?

2. Inherited Properties

Instead of leaving your inherited property empty for cobwebs to inhabit, put it up for sale and make money off of it. For properties that you don’t fancy or don’t want to deal with, Keller Offers is the way out. Allow their iBuyers to offer you a no-obligation all cash offer, so you can move on with your life.

3. Owners at Risk of Foreclosure

A foreclosure will haunt your credit for years to come. Yes, you could always try to do a short sale. However, it’s hard to get lenders to accept these lowball offers. A better choice is to accept an offer for all cash to stop the foreclosure in its tracks while keeping your credit intact.

4. Divorce Sales

During a divorce, many couples choose to sell their family home. This allows them to split the value from the home’s equity, so they can get out of the relationship and homeownership as quickly as possible. Some even use All Cash Offers to buy the other party out of the home.

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Who Can Benefit from All Cash Offers for Homes?
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4 Great Benefits of All Cash Offers

The benefits you stand to gain from the All-Cash Offers are numerous. You don’t have to do anything other than contact a Keller Offers certified agent. The process is simple. Once your agent submits your information, you will start receiving offers to buy your home for cash within minutes. Escrow can close in less than 90 days.

You don’t have to be on the hunt or market your house for sale. Nor do you have to prepare paperwork. All the necessary procedures are carried out on your behalf by your Keller Williams agent. Below are some other advantages of All Cash Offers:

1. No Coordinating Repairs and Upgrades

You don’t have to worry about looking for vendors and coordinating repairs and renovations. The iBuyers will take care of all issues and costs. This means, as a seller, you won’t incur any expenses related to these tasks.

2. No Agent Commission

Unlike when you’re selling a house using traditional methods, sellers using Keller Offers do NOT pay commission to their agents. Rather than paying your agent for helping you find qualified buyers for your house, the agent’s commission is covered by the iBuyers. This means more money in your pocket in the end.

3. Removes Contingencies

When working with an all-cash buyer, you eliminate doubts of success by removing contingencies. You never have to worry about a buyer falling out of escrow or having to sell their home before buying yours. Once you provide all the details needed, your house will be sold and you will have your money. There is no risk of a failed sale.

4. Quick Turnaround with All Cash Offers

After you’ve completed your cash offer application, within 72 hours, offers will start coming in. Within 15 to 90 days, escrow is closed and you have your cash with no stress. Just start packing and prepare to move into your new residence.

Are you an Atlanta homeowner interested in selling your property fast? Keller Offers will provide you with multiple all-cash offers on your home, so the choice is yours. There’s no obligation to accept any offer. So, why not get a few quotes to see what Keller has to offer.

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