Sellers tend to think that home staging is all about adding new décor to the scene. But staging tips 2022 take things a bit further.

The purpose of staging a home for sale is to create an atmosphere that helps buyers picture themselves living in the property. Oftentimes, this involves removing items from the home that distract buyers from that thought process.

 It’s a given that you need to remove clutter and trash for better visual appeal. But there are other things you need to remove from the home that you may not have thought of.

Stage Your Home: Remove This Stuff from Your House

And this is not just about open houses. You need to properly stage your home for all showings as well as before taking photos of the property for listings and marketing.

1. Staging Tips 2022: Remove All Personal Objects

Staging Tips 2022: Remove All Personal Objects
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It’s almost impossible for many consumers to visualize themselves living in an area that’s filled with your personal touches. You want them to feel like the house belongs to them… not you, the seller. Before you start staging your home with new stuff, start with a blank canvas.

  • Remove all personal photos on bookshelves, walls, tables and anywhere else where they are displayed… framed or not
  • Take down any calendars, reminders, magnets or anything else on your refrigerator
  • Put away all personal objects sitting on your bathroom counters and shelves, including toothbrushes and skincare products
  • Remove any and all obviously religious items

2. Staging Tips 2022: Remove All Signs of Pets

Staging Tip: Remove All Signs of Pets
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Not all buyers are pet-lovers. And not all pet-lovers love other people’s pets. With that said, it’s always best to never feature your pets and their belongings in listing photos. You also want to ensure that your pets are out of the home during showings.

The problem with simply removing your pets is that oftentimes, they leave pet dander and odors behind. In both cases, the pet owners may not even notice these things. But potential buyers certainly will. And many will spend more time trying to visualize themselves getting rid of the hair and foul odors than visualizing themselves living in your home.

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Let’s touch on a few reasons to get rid of your pets during showings:

  • Allergies – Some people are severely allergic to dogs, cats and other hairy animals
  • Fear – Buyers who fear large and/or small animals won’t take the time to view your home
  • Distracting – Viewing a piece of property with dogs barking in the background deflects from the beauty of the home

So, hire a professional carpet cleaner to come through and get rid of any odors that may seem permanent to potential buyers. Then, during open houses and home previews, take Fluffy for a walk, place kitty in a home kennel and place those sweet, chirping birds outside.

3. Staging Tips 2022: Remove All Mats and Rugs

Staging Tips 2022: Remove All Mats and Rugs
Photo by Naim Benjelloun from Pexels

One of the biggest staging tips 2022 home stagers recommend is getting rid of all of the mats and rugs in your home. There are multiple reasons for this:

  • Photos – Mats and rugs tend to look dingy in photos, which is not visually appealing to buyers viewing your listing online and print publications
  • Space – These items make a wide-open space seem more closed-in, which is bad for buyers who crave open floorplans
  • Flooring – If you have hardwood or other amazing looking floors, that is one of your home’s best assets, showcase it so buyers can see it in photos and during showings

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You don’t have to tackle home staging all on your own. Instead, hire a professional stager to get the job done for you. Or hire a local Atlanta real estate agent, like Kereen Henry, to list your home. She will oversee the process or simply offer you staging tips 2022 home sellers should know.

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